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When the University of Perpetual Help Altas won the NCAA Season 91 men’s volleyball championship, they erupted with joy, dancing around the court and jumping up and down. When the College of Saint Benilde Lady Blazers won their own title two days later, they fell to the floor sobbing.

Players knelt motionless save for their heaving shoulders. Some had to be urged off the floor to join the team huddle. Up close, you could hear that the cry of victory wasn’t a yell but, well, just crying.

Can you blame them? Not only had they won a historic first volleyball title for their school—they had also fought the hardest battles to earn it.

From a promising start to a slump

The Lady Blazers were easily pegged as one of the teams to watch. They had key holdovers Jeanette Panaga, JannineNavarro, and team captain and setter Djanel Cheng. They charted three straight wins to open the season. Third-year head coach Macky Cariño began aiming for a sweep of the elimination round.

Read more at:      http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/

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Kalokalike of coco martin’s girl version


When Coco Martin underwent the process of transformation to the alluring character of Paloma in the trending primetime series, ‘Ang Probinsyano’, many people were stunned by how gorgeous he looks like if he would become a lady.  

From being the tough SPO1 Ricardo ‘Cardo’ Dalisay, he became the hottie named Paloma. And he admitted that he loves playing the role of Paloma. 
This is one of his dream roles according to the actor.
Now, a photo of a woman who is being dubbed as the ‘Girl Version’ of Coco Martin has been making roundsonline surface. Her name is Jhanica Jimenez. Even without her make-up on many people claim that she has the facial features of Coco Martin.
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The Solar Eclipse



Experiencing a genuine total eclipse required a trip north of the British Isles – such as the flight taken by a BBC camera crew and Stargazing Live’s Liz Bonnin, above the clouds in the Faroes.

“We have a pretty spectacular view,” Bonnin said. “This is extraordinary.”

That footage revealed interesting features of the eclipse, including a clear view of “Baily’s beads”. These are the sparkles of light seen at the very edge of the Moon, where its rugged landscape allows the last rays of sunlight to peak through before full obscuration.

Few land areas were directly in the path of the Moon’s deepest shadow – its so-called umbra – and seabirds probably had some of the most dramatic eclipse experiences.

The period of greatest darkness – nearly three minutes – occurred over a spot in the Norwegian Sea, a little below the Arctic Circle, at 09:46 GMT.

Many professional and amateur astronomers positioned themselves in the Faroe Islands, where the capital city of Torshavn got totality for a full two minutes, beginning just before 09:41 GMT.

And those who could not book a flight or a hotel for the Faroes went to Svalbard, where the capital city of Longyearbyen witnessed two and a half minutes of totality, starting shortly after 10:10 GMT.

Read more at: http://www.bbc.com

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Future Space Travel




The discovery of an ever-changing, lopsided lunar cloud of dust could have implications for future manned missions in space.

A cloud of dust around the moon was discovered using data from a detection tool on board NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer.

Knowing where dust is in space could help mitigate harm to astronauts and equipment on future manned missions to other planets and asteroids, according to Mihaly Horanyi, a researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder who worked on the study.

“Identifying this permanent dust cloud engulfing the moon was a nice gift from this mission,” Horanyi said in a statement. “We can carry these findings over to studies of other airless planetary objects like the moons of other planets and asteroids.”

When something as small as a single dust particle from a passing comet hits the moon’s surface, it can send thousands of dust specks into the lunar cloud, according to the study.

Researchers noted the lunar cloud increases in density around the time of annual events such as the Geminids meteor shower.

A mysterious glow was first noticed in the 1960s from a NASA unmanned spacecraft and again during the Apollo mission, however the latest findings are discrepant from the astronauts’ reports of a thicker, higher cloud of dust, leading researchers to conclude conditions then may have been slightly different.

Read more at:  http://abcnews.go.com

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